You know how I know shes the one. When I wake up shes the first thing I think of and I think of her at least every 5 mins a day. You say obsessed I say love they are very similar. Love is an uncontrollable obsession from the heart. And the heart is a muscle so like any muscle you have to work it. You have to use it I’m using it right now every word from my heart to my hands. Shes got that kinda smile you can’t fake the kind you want to take a picture of but not one picture could do it justice. Shes got that laugh that if I was alone on a desert for 15 years I would beg God just to hear it one more time. My skin crawls when shes not around like somethings physically missing. I got it bad for her always have. It’s not like without her I didn’t survive but I wasn’t living either. Some days in our busy lifes I feel like all we have is visitation for 1h. I feel that puppy dog love like it was the first day I seen her. I mate for life. I was a fool for years. A fool in love a fool for not fostering said love. I’ve lived through the worst 6 months of my life. I put on a big face I got out there and made the most of it. It’s real it always was my heart just atrophied. This blog is my therapy but it’s also my reminder to do better. To learn from my mistakes to own up to my mistakes. This blog is titled perfect because she is in my eyes shes perfect. Now that’s not me setting some ridiculous standards. She exceeds my expectations and always has. Shes brilliant and shes worthy of someone who appreciates her for who she is. I’m not worthy of her but I try my hardest everyday. She also deserves to be upset , happy , make mistakes. If we were all perfect we’d still be in the garden of eden. Simple words in a blog can never convey my feelings but that won’t stop me from trying. Shes kind and humble. And we actually agree on a lot of things. We find the same kind of people annoying. We have largely the same sense of humor and now we want the same out of our future. I wouldn’t and I definitely couldn’t see myself with another trust me I tried. The buck stops with her the bottle landed on her years ago. And I’m still in seven minutes of heaven.

As always love you if you read or don’t. Adapt or die


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