2000 miles and 16 years

I traveled a long way and spent a long time to get to you. Every road I’ve traveled every hardship I endured to get to you. I wouldn’t have it any other way period. My life is the only life I know. I used to think you made me better and you did you also made me lose my mind and act like a fool as most young men do for a girl. True love cuts deep it’s not just on the surface. Infatuation and lust are surface emotions which are fine to have we all feel those emotions. True love is infatuation that doesn’t die out in 6 month or a year. True love last forever not just 80 years or 90 years its  eternity. Love is eternal. Our love will go on well after we go on that’s a promise. The vows we took said till death do us part I say let it try. I’ll follow you into the dark just like I followed you around our high school. You know some people might be embarrassed by telling all their feelings to the world. I’ll tell anyone who wants to hear how much I love you. I wanted to scream it from the top of a mountain but I don’t have a mountain. I have a phone and a blog. I’m sure you get the reference which is just one more reason I love you. You don’t always make it easy to love you. But I want that painful feel it in your soul love that we got. I’m not that little kid who grew up all over the place in cars and garages and shared rooms. I endured that to get to you. I’m where I want to be well kinda as I write this I’m not with you but you get the idea. Gotta crawl before I walk. One step at a time. One thing at a time. One day at a time. Who knows where we’ll be in another 2000miles and 16 years. Do you wanna travel them with me.  Let’s dance through the years together. For together we are stronger. I’m not held up on plans we can make plans and they may change. God I know that’s true. My love won’t ever change though. I can’t get away from you if I tried and try we did. The history we have shared can’t be manufactured in a day. It’s been years in the making. You’re the most important thing to me. You’re my everything. I consider it a privilege to breathe the same air you breathe. Since French class you’ve  been the chocolate to my  frozen banana. The butter to my pop corn. The leprechaun to my rainbow. The cindy beer to my yogi beer. The heart to my anatomy. The fruit to my loom. The bliss to my ignorance. The antique to my dust. The sweatpants to my lazy. The coke to my rum. The food to my grease. The copy to my paste. The song to my music. The taco to my Tuesday. The Irish to my luck. The hand to my hold. The Lorelai to my luke. The topanga to my cory. The kelly to my zach. The callie to my Arizona. The lily to my Marshall. The donna to my eric. The Becky to my Jesse. The snack to my stoner. The tweedledee to my tweedledum. The love to my life. On this day that does and will forever mean something I love you. We got it right the first time. I’d do it all again. Happy anaversery. I love that I’m your walking cliche and your mine.

I love you if you read this or don’t. You never know where you’ll end up. Adapt or die.


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