Be a gentleman your grandmother was right

Where have all the good men gone. I believe in opening doors for women I believe in treating people with respect and love. I’m here to tell you my grandmother was right when she said be polite. manners separate us from the animals. it pays to be polite. this very day I was sitting by my gate ready to get on a plane listening to music i noticed a woman with 2 kids she told her kids to site down in the seats next to me. and she was gonna stand. I noticed this and I got up. just a simple kindness I’m no saint but guess what when i stood up i realized that my gate had been changed if i didn’t give my seat up i may have missed my plane who knows. be kind most people could use a little kindness. kindness isn’t dead, in this fast paced world where we mostly think about ourselves there is room to think of others. now you’re free to do you. whatever that means but I choose to stand when a woman enters the room. I choose to ask her dad. I choose to give my seat up to a lady and her kids. I choose to put others first. I choose to help. I think given the choice you will choose the same. most people. let’s bring manners back. dont misunderstand me I’m not saying let’s regress to a time where woman cant work and vote etc. I’m saying let’s be gentlemen. let’s be gentle. let’s be kind. let us make our grandparents proud of us. let’s make our parents proud of us. let’s lead by example. it’s a simple act that can make all the difference. when we hear of all these bad things that happen. theses mass shootings. suicides. trust me we can prevent these things. we can stop bullying or at the very least we can step in. everyone is so scared to get involved. we think if we look away then these problems we go away. someone else will take care of it. lead by example I say. I recently heard of a story of a little kid who at school was bullied for wearing pink. he loves hot pink( who doesn’t) #pinkfornoah I hope I teach my kids not to bully for any reason period. breaks my heart that just for being yourself people will ridicule you. I hope in the future we can do away with this. if not I know there will be people who stand up to bullies. let’s all stand up to bullies who In fact are just sad confused people. you cant bully a bully. let’s rise above and show them kindness. Noah I’m sorry you’ve been bullied. I’ve been where you are. I’ve been called the weird kid. one day you will do great things one day those bullies will be sorry. some day you will help others. you’re unique stay a little gentleman. stand tall chin up we got your back. tomorrow is ours for the taking. love not hate. its time to be different.
if people are attacking you for being you those are people you dont need in your life pay them no attention. invest in the people that build you up make you better make you the gentleman or woman you want to be.


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