A ok

As I write to you 30kmiles above ground. excited to see my family. My awesome nieces and nephew and my brother and his wife who so kindly are at the airport to pick me up. I figured it out. perspective has changed me its showed me the way. I think the biggest reason I’ve wanted kids since before I can remember .is because my parents tore this family apart early in my life and I’ve been trying to make sure I never do that. I’ve been trying to make my way put my shit together. side note I love my parents through and through. but my family has Always been fractured. and at this point in my life I have the power to do something about it. it’s not a power I take lightly. I think that was the worst thing about my divorce. it opened old wounds it. apart again. it needed to happen though. My priorities were all wrong. now I’m another year older and wiser. now I have a second chance. to do better to be better. I needed the slap in the gut even though i didn’t know it. it has strengthened my resolve it has shown me what’s important and what’s not. it has made me the person I want to be. my love has never been stronger and for that i thank everyone that has played a part in my life good or bad we are alive and we can have that chance. the human capacity for love is boundless. it defies betrayal it defies time. my capacity for love has grown just like the grinches. all the money in the world won’t help me. love is my currency. if you have love in your heart we can talk. I’m on the way to see my family and although it’s short and sweet it’s real. I love them. a concentrated effort to see them more is my directive. a new life with the love of my life is part of that direction. sometimes you can have your cake and eat it to. sometimes in the end the good guys win. dont wait for your kick in the ass to live your life the way it should be lived. help yourself to some love and some life.

As always I love you. it’s the living that grow everday not the dead. which are you? The only difference between the past and the future is one of those things can be changed. Love from the sky. Whatever you are be that.
Judah Eric Lee Wessman


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