Light >dark

Never let fear decide your fate. Bad things exist. Dark terriable things exist. murder, rape, nasty mean people that only want to cause harm etc… For every one of them I believe there are 100 honorable people. It’s easy to be happy and ok when everything is going your way. It’s easy to help others when you are good. The test of a man is what he does when he has power and what does he do when he’s down. Does he rise to the light. or fall to the dark. we all have some darkness inside of us I view it as a reminder everyday that I over come it. it keeps me on the straight road. In my my position as a fire fighter I will see dark things. What will I do. Will I overcome. Have I been brought up to handle it will my light shine over the dark things I see. I believe it will. I believe that to help just one person will give me the push to overcome. I choose to believe in the light. we all share this tiny planet if we do nothing we let the dark win. I wasn’t raised to do nothing. I was raised to love my neighbor as I love myself. I like who I’m becoming. Join me in this journey. walk the path of good. good and evil will always exist. we have all been give a choice a chance. sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. light opens eyes. darkness brings confusion. I’m not confused of my place. It’s never to late to surprise yourself. I want you to know that what ever has happened to you good or bad has brought you to this moment for whatever reason you are reading this. know that people out there care about you. maybe you’ve been hurt maybe by someone you trusted with your life. I beg you dont give up on people. maybe not even that person that hurt you. That mistreated their power. Let your own light outshine that person. Show them that they didn’t stop you. they didn’t win they can’t win. I’ve been there I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been betrayed I’ve been hurt by those with power and now I take every day as a personal responsibility to show them my light cant be taken. I recently sat next to a person on a plane who told me a very dark story. I don’t know why she felt so inclined. she told me of how her dad was a drug lord he left her family when she was young she got pregnant at 15 and her finance was decapitated 3 days before her wedding in front of her and then she married another man who was abusive. she took to the bottle. now this day after all that she is sober she found her light and she helps troubled teens in the system. she took what happened to her and fought it. it took some time but she overcame the darkness. that’s the short version of her story and I’m sure many other stories like hers exist. I hope we can all find the strength to find our light. I don’t think we can do away with darkness, but we can overcome it.
As always mad love if you read this or not.
this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine. Adapt or die.



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