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Our new home built 1848 hope its haunted!

Haunted- frequented by a ghost and or Having or showing signs of mental anguish or torment.

We have all been haunted by something at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s that catch you missed at that state game. Maybe it’s never telling that cute girl you like her. Maybe it’s a test you failed or passed. Whatever it is its something that has stuck with you and in the quiet you think about it. In the dark you picture it. A haunting isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe it’s a loved one trying to speak to you. Maybe you are haunted by something that you can learn from and until you do you won’t be at peace. But we like that as humans we search scary things out for the thrill of it or is it just so that we can feel something. So we know we are still there. Still human. I heard about this thing they are doing at six flags this year people are signing up to spend 30hours in a coffin with 5 minute breaks every hour. WHAT why would anyone want to be haunted for 30hours. Personally I have better things to to with my time. But humans are doing this to feel something. Mostly a scare. Or a test of will. We ask for the haunting. I’ve been haunted by many things. When I got devorced I was haunted by my x everywhere I looked everything I heard. It was hard part of your body and mind thinks that person is still there one of the hardest things to do was sleep sleep with the ghost of her.Mistakes I’ve made. I wouldn’t change that for anything though because the pain,the scare has brought me has made me. And I left it all on the table I gave my all I did my best. We all are just trying to do the best we can with what we got. And we get better at things the more we do them. And the more we think on them the more we are tormented by them. Every great artist, actor, musician, comedian inventor etc…has been tormented. Haunted if you will by their mistakes. And with their blood and sweat they made beautiful things. The haunting reminds us of the light of the good things. I failed at many things in my life so that I could succeed at others. Most of all don’t let the ghost of the past win. Don’t let your failures keep you from trying. Just try again a little different. It’s your life live it. Casper was a friendly ghost they aren’t all bad. However you’d like to think about it. You aren’t alone we all fall down and we can all use a little help. If you know me personally you know I usually say what’s on my mind even if some would consider it unwise. Some would say at times I talk before I think and they’d be right most of the time. But sometimes I go over and over usually out loud what I’m gonna say. I like to talk  to myself out loud so I can hear how it sounds. I’ve always had a hard ti.e opening up and Expressing myself. Fear is a powerful motavator. Fear can make the strongest of us silent. Speak up stand up. If something is haunting you. Don’t let it. God made tomorrow so we could fix the things we’ve done wrong today. Tomorrow is that second chance. It may be a thunderstorm today but tomorrow will be sunny.

As alway much love from me to you even if you dont read this. Say high to your ghost for me. Adapt or die



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