Closer to home?

I think everything happens for a reason. And I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I believe there is a plan for all of us. Now that being said we don’t always take the easy path to get where we need to go. God knows I’ve taken the hard way many times. But it’s made me stronger.  Its given me a perspective on life that I didn’t have. I believe a change for the good. A change for the better. I’ve been living my life trying to plant myself. Trying to get to that white picket fence. Trying to force it. Now I just want to step back and enjoy what I have. And if what I’ve always wanted happens great if not I can say I lived my life to the fullest. I tried my hardest gave my all. The small things are big things. Lifes tiny quiet moments make up life. Simple and small. Or loud and big. Whatever happens enjoy it. Life absolutely has its ups and downs. People have their ups and downs. Feelings are inherently up and down. Everything can be going great one day and the next not so great. That doesn’t stop us from getting up the next day after that. You’re always going to have things you want to get done. I mean look at me I went to school for roughly 8 years to do something that I dont want to do anymore and I always thought someday I’ll get where I want to be It will get easier. It never gets easier it only gets different now I want something completely different. I want to serve the public. I want to put others first. I like the danger of it. I like the heat if you will. So now I’m back in the mode if I can get this done and this it will get easier. I realized I just need to win the lottery. So I can quit my job and focus on the fireman thing. I’m not discouraged in my new goals of a fire career I’m just tired of the juggling. I’m really just tired. I need about a years vacation. A walk about. I need a walk about. Trials and tribulations. I love my new life. I love my girl. I love my dog. I love volunteering at the firehouse. I love our 1848 house. Most days I like my job. I just want to help people and being able to make a living off that with everything else I have would be amazing. Be happy with what you got and you will get more. All in good time. Just a short and sweet blog from the firehouse I’m all alone right now finishing up some rig inspections and then im heading home. And home to me is her. Shes the only person I’ve ever felt at home with. That’s how I know shes it.

As always much love given much love received. Just laugh,live and love.


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