Hold onto


Hold onto the fight but let go of the anger.

Hold onto childhood memories let go of the nightmares.

Hold onto the light let go of the dark

Hold onto joy let go of sadness

Hold onto loved ones let go of the dead.

Hold onto your dreams let go of your failures.

Hold onto love let go of hate.

Hold onto hope let go of fear.

Hold onto today let go of yesterday.

Hold onto passion let go of doubt.

Hold onto friends let go of enemies.

Hold onto positivity let go of the negative.

Hold onto the prince let go of the frog.

Hold onto your voice let go of the people that would shut you up.

Hold onto helping others let go of the selfishness.

Hold onto life let go of things that stop you from living.

Sometimes we let go we lose our way and a friend or a loved one or someone we dont even know throws us a life vest. Hold onto this life and treat every day like it’s your last treat others how you want to be treated and wage war for what’s right. You don’t fight alone. You’ve made it this far.

As always I love you if you hold on or dont. Hold onto good news let go of the tv news. Hold onto truth hold onto faith, hold on dont be like  jack be like rose survive and never let go.



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