A date with my ex wife

If you’ve been paying attention you know a lot  about me. You know I believe in true love no matter what. You know I’ve traveled. You know I just what a home with  kids. You know I’ve been loved you know I’ve been hurt. You know I’m just a blue collar guy. Old school with a twist because old ways were cool and respectful and yes some are outdated. That’s why we adapt. We should be gentlemen. We should be 21 century gentlemen. So I tried to leave her after all she left me so least I could do was return the favor. Yet because of all these facts about me. I couldn’t. I’ll love her forever she’ll always be my everything even if shes not mine even if I’m dead and gone. I got rid of a lot in the divorce except her. I carried her always with me. I truly believe the only reason the sun gets up is because she does. So one day roughly 6 months after she left or I let her leave. After I adapted to my situation bettered myself. I like to think learned from past mistakes. Everything came to a climax. I was  close to moving maybe. Not sure if I would’ve let myself. She called she wanted to see me one last time. Mind you we had a very weird divorce we still went to dinner together a lot. I wrote blogs about her and kinda stalked her mind you not as a jealous thing. What I mean is I was trying to work up the gusto to get her back but I was hurt deep and scared I’d get hurt more. So I said sure let’s meet at Starbucks since I love coffee now it seamed like a neutral place. I just assumed she was scared I was leaving and wanted to say goodbye even though we’d said goodbye in writing legally. When we met I was put back a litte she was dressed up really nice like this was a date. Like drop dead gorgeous. And we just talked it was like the divorce never happened. All those feelings I’ve felt since highschool were there I felt like I knew her for a lifetime and like it was the first time I was seeing her all at once. We had a proper first date. Coffee dinner and a show and usually I make it a rule not to see a movie on a first date. But we talked a lot before the movie about family, friends,work,life,etc… and it didn’t matter because at the movie our souls were talking. We didn’t miss a beat. I believe she always thought if we hadn’t met in highschool we wouldn’t be together I wouldn’t like her as an adult. Little did she know it was written in the stars. Our whole life this world has been pulling us together. I mean I came from California to Illinois to the same small town that her family moved to and even as younger kids we probably crossed paths. And in high school I only wanted to date her and when we got divorced and moved over an hour from each other we were dating in the same town other people sure.  Other people were empty to they largely meant nothing to me. Sad but true I was taken my heart that is. The connection between use is electric and I love her now, before and later. So the rest is history. Or still yet to be told. Funny thing about our second first date it happened to be a a chipotle again. Only this time she had no problem eating while I watched.her sense of humor is my sense of humor her laugh is music to my ears. Her smile is blinding lit lights my way. Her personality is like zoom zoom zoom Disney kids will get this. the universe is balanced it is happy to see us back together. We cant get away from each other even when we try. Love is powerful and a mystery. It’s hard to describe and its different to different people. Love just is don’t question it just go with it. Say it out loud say it now. I love you.

And I love you if you read this or don’t  adapt or die. I am left in awe.



Why so serious?

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