A million dreams

Here’s the truth life sucks sometimes. Bad things do happen. Things go bump in the night. People die. People lose things. People live to 100 and never find true love. We cant think about what’s wrong with the world we cant question. We’ll drive ourselves crazy. Sometimes great things happen. When I wake up in the morning I see nothing but her when I close my eyes I see nothing but her. All I ever did was for her. All we ever do is for love.  Love is the great motivator. Love is why we wake up. It’s why we help others. It’s why we cry and for some it’s why we die. When you have that theres not much you won’t do. It’s why the grinch gave all the gifts back. On that tiny snowflake even the grinch found that love was really all that mattered.Now I’ve got all kinds of room in my heart for love. Love has gotten me through everything. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. Love infects us. It’s a contagious thing. It can spread faster than anything. I dont want a never ending life I just want a never ending love.  I dont have all the answers. I can only say what I feel. And tomorrow I may feel differently. God knows how I’ve felt in the past. We all know that. I’m so grateful I found someone that I love this deeply. I wouldn’t be me without her. I’ve experienced it and I was nothing I was like the grinch at the start of the movie. It’s never to late to admit you fucked up. It’s never to late to forgive. Never. And yes it is crazy and I dont care. Shes my dream and my reality. Take the leap

As always I love you if you read this or not. Adapt or die.

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