Imagine that.

Imagine a world where every way of thinking you have is wrong. Imagine you’re wrong. Is it really that hard to imagine. Is humanity so stubborn to admit that maybe we are wrong sometimes. God knows I’ve been wrong in the past. I’m guilty. If we can’t own up to our mistakes we won’t survive, we won’t thrive. What If God doesn’t exist. What if he does. What if I’m not a good person what if it doesn’t matter. What if my parents kidnapped me in the hospital and they aren’t my parents. What if the sky is green and the grass blue. Now I have my set beliefs and I believe in them strongly and I’m positive my parents are my parents I was born at home. But imagine the impact we have on each other. We dont know what other people got going on. We don’t know when anyone of us could snap. What if you could change. What if you could be more accepting. With age comes wisdom and gray hair and kids and sickness and happiness. My world got shook last year and I was the guy that thought not me that will never happen to me. I had it all figured out. I’m here to tell you that I still don’t  know and that’s ok. Sometimes we sleep with our cloths on. Sometimes we act the fool. I’ve spent a lot of time acting the fool. Imagine that cute guy sees you. That girl leaves you her number. Imagine you take the time to breathe. To stop and look at what you have. I feel like I found the secret I feel like I’m on the other side with all the answers to none of the questions. I have the answer to an old test . Now they rewrote the test .Imagine the questionable choices you’ve made. They  made you. Imagine you like you. You respect yourself enough to wait for more. Imagine the lives that one choice could save or not save. Imagine that people were nice to each other. Imagine good guys still exist. Imagine the good guy doesn’t win imagine he does.  Imagine you get there on time.Imagine you dont drive drunk. Imagine you care about others. Imagine your boss gives you the day off. Imagine your family is healthy. Imagine  family isnt crazy. Imagine you stick to your goals. Imagine a glass half full. Imagine no more lies and no more tequila. Imagine being content in your life. What if things do happen exactly as you imagine them. What if no matter what you do there are these set things in your life you just cant change. You cant get away from. What is this what are we doing now. What if we are just watching our life. I dont want to just imagine. I want to live.

As always I love you for being you. If you have to imagine something make it a good something.



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