slide -move along a smooth surface while maintaining continuous contact with it.

Slide to the left. slide to the right. Crisscross.
sometimes lifes like a slide it’s easy its comfortably and other times it feels like a mud slide horrible and never going to end or all we have to look forward to is a crash at the bottom. If you look back at your life from the bottom of your slide you’ll notice how quick it all happened. That senior prank where all your class put tarps in the hall with soap and slide down the hall and remember that teacher tried to stop you and he fell and hurt his hip.while all the other teachers just laughed. To the time you got carried in a basket by your dad for fun. To your first job pulling weeds. even at the water park slide we wait all this time and the slide is over in a minute. enjoy that minute enjoy the slide mud slides and all. maybe try a few different slides. I’ve been down many Paths I don’t know if I’m on the right one only way to know is try. only way to learn is jump face first. life is quick. before you know it it’s over. I sometimes lose track of that I think to much about what’s next. we are all guilty of it. all I know is I want to wake up where you are. I want to walk our kids hand in hand to their first slide. more than anything I want to show you that I’m here now and always even when our slides go in opposite directions. I have gone up a slide before. we make our own ways we decide our own actions our own attitude our own happiness. I’mma do the things I wanna do. said wheezer. so many things have fallen into my lap I truly have been blessed with a great job and health and you. and an opportunity to do something more. when I look at my slide I find it hard to get upset. it’s easy to lose track of that. it’s easy to only focus on the bad but the bad isn’t helping anyone as people we always want more. we always strive for better so that our kids may have even more. I’ve waken up alone before I don’t want to anymore.I want to know your feelings. I’d do anything for you.
As always make mistakes learn from them and make new mistakes. I love you. You are loved. Just slide!

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