blood shot eyes from the pain that leaves them. Never to return never really knowing why.
a man says get up and carry on. I ask How can I when the world is so heavy when does the good part come?. The man says no matter the pain you feel you can’t stop moving towards the door for today this house falls but tomorrow I will help you build a new home. I make no promises that it will be easy it will be hard for the plans are lost. new plans will be drawn.darkness won’t last and you will see home again lost to you for now but not gone forever. I’ve never seen the man before for hes full of gray hair and wrinkles but for some reason I feel like I know him from another life or time. I ask him how does he know it will all be ok. He says with kindness in his eyes for I’ve been where you are and I made it through. I look left and right on one side I see a bottle that says to forget and on the other a cliff to an ocean full of graves. The man says I’ve seen what you see I’ve made your choices. I found the way follow me. These other paths lead to everlasting pain and sadness. Follow me to logan and gwendolyn.i know you want to make a difference for them. I know your calling to help others.His words keep me strong. I know the fire that burns within you. I know all your secrets.As the man says theses things I wonder how he could know so much. I wonder why he cares about me I’m nobody.For some reason his words calm me and I believe in them. I open my eyes and lift my head up, the man is gone and all I see is myself standing tall and ready for what’s next.
If you are reading this I hope it finds you well. I hope you keep doing things that make your life and the lives of your family better.

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