Teeter totter

There are people in your life that keep you centered. That give you the will to advance. The ones that let you be you. There are those that would try and make you something that you just aren’t and you never want to be. You know when you know you know when no matter how unbalanced your life becomes she or he gives you a balance you know when no matter how much bad is on one side of the teeter totter she keeps you centered and in turn you keep her centered. At the end of the day you have her and you have everything you need. Noone will ever know you like she does. She’s been my best friend even through divorce. You can’t make new old friends.She knows I’m crazy she know there isn’t many trees I wouldn’t climb. She knows I love to dance. She knows how I say things like pretzel or nightmare. She knows I like soft candy she knows I like being lazy and I like being active. She knows I love red meat. She knows I want a girl. She knows what cookie means. She knows my favorite band. She knows the things I don’t yet know. She can feel my pain she knows my silence. There isn’t enough time on this earth to explain what she knows. She knows my scars. The ones shes given me and the ones I’ve given myself. She knows I say it like it is even when that would be illadvised. She knows where I land on most issues before I know myself. And yes we dont always agree in this mad world. Shes my balance. Shes my northern lights beautiful, amazing, colorful, unexplainable. Undeniably crazy kind of love. The glass shoe fits. We my teeter totter but I’ll never get off this beam even when the ground shakes even when others laugh even when it rains especially when it rains. She has forever changed me. It’s always about a girl shes my fairy tale. Every good fairy tale has its ups and downs. Life has its ups and downs. Love has its ups and downs. Everyone knows that. The end of our story is yet to be told best I can do is tell you that my day begins and ends with you. Backstreet boys said it best. my story won’t ever end as long as you love me. As long as you decide to take my hand. The potential is endless.

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