Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not
Dr. Seuss

Never been someone that puts a lot of stock in what others say about me. I literally dance with myself when others won’t. I believe in putting more stock in my opinions than others that’s not me saying your opinion is worthless. that’s me saying to yourself be true. if you want to laugh at me I’ll laugh with you. I’ll prove you wrong. when you try and tear others down you only succeed at bringing yourself down. don’t get me wrong if you want to dance with me I’m down. I merely mean don’t let others define you. noone ever found themselves by being someone else or something else. Don’t compromise who your parents made by listening to the world. The world has it wrong. jump off that bridge or don’t. Wear velvet if it makes you happy. Please don’t really wear velvet though. ask that boy or girl out who cares if they say no. figure out what you want out of this life and everyday work toward that whatever it is. rock the mohawk. screw your mom for making you feel fat. fuck you dad for leaving. fuck monsters for being in your closet. there are no rules of the game. we are all just trying to get by. fuck the mean girls for making you forget your name. be empowered by their meanness. make up for them by being 3 times as nice. Side note why do mean girls always come in threes. you dont have to be famous to make a difference. it’s not always easy to just be yourself. it’s easy to be mean for a chance to sit at the cool kids table. It’s not worth compromising your values your ideals. and it’s not sustainable pretending to be something you just aren’t. In every walk of life you will run into mean people you may even be mean from time to time. That doesn’t have to define you either. People can change. We all went to highschool and God knows bullies exist. They don’t have to. And you better believe when I have kids I’m going to teach them to be kind but also to stand up for themselves and others. Stand tall and proud in the face of meanness and you will have my whole backing. Kids today are ruthless. Not every kid. It all makes no sense you gain nothing by hating others by name calling. We can do better. Our kids will do better.They better or there won’t be anything left. Bring back honor,loyalty and kindness. When I hear about a bullied kid it makes me want to do things I shouldn’t to the bullies parents. The lion that rest inside of me gets woke. I’ve only let him out once but I don’t have kids yet so we shall see. I have some strong feelings on this being a victim of bullies in my life. This is me being tactful you don’t what to know what I actually think we should do with mean girls mean guys etc. I have restraint though I left someone completely alone when in fact I wanted to put them 6 feet under and he was the biggest meangirl I know. Forgive and remember they say. I will always remember the people that have wronged me. That doesn’t mean I won’t forgive them. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words they can’t hurt me. The stupid games go right through me. 2 things I need in the fireservice dark sense of humor and thick skin. Check and check. My experience and upbringing gave me both. If you find yourself reading this don’t listen to the meangirls. If you’re the meangirl knock that shit out.
As always adapt or better. Wessman out


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