Decompress or burst

Tension stored energy potential dangerous.

I can’t. Just can’t. Everyone is taking from me. Taking my time. Taking my mental bandwidth. Taking my energy. Sometimes I just need a release. Sometimes I just need me time. I go to work and everybody wants something wants my knowledge wants my time and ability. I go to the firehouse and that takes energy. I get forced to work overtime. I go home and my parents are there they want to know things do things. I need just a minute to myself! Home is supposed to be the one place you get to be alone relax and answer to no one. The tension is building. I’m happy for the future for my baby on the way. I’m madly in love with my lady. I still need time for myself. Time to blow off steam. Time to kill time. Take take take. It’s not sustainable. It’s hard. I’m not saying I want to be alone I’m saying everyone needs a minute to themselves. To regain strength to continue giving their all to others. May we all find our release our peace. Take the time to make the time. Today is short and sweet. I have actually had a minute to myself for the past hour I did some homework for the fire academy and some training with a pack on. I had a 30 min bottle on and it lasted me 20 minutes on the treadmill which is pretty good you’re lucky if you can get 15 minutes out of a 30 minute bottle. Its 30 minutes at rest but as firemen we are rarely at rest with an air pack on. We are usually knee deep in some shit. As always mad love from my corner of the sky. Adapt or die.

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