160 bpm

These days are numbered.
Soon we find out the sex of the baby and I think we are exiting the danger zone. now don’t get me wrong and to put this into perspective I’m usually very relaxed and just go with the flow kinda guy. I will be terrified until the day I die that my kid is ok various degrees of worry but worried none the less. now my wife has had some bleeding and we found out that the placenta wasn’t fully attached to the uterus which of the time of this writing I’m happy to say is almost fully attached yeah. so things are looking good. other than the terrible morning noon and evening sickness. sorry for that dear. I have to think it will be worth it but I’m not the one in pain. soon and very soon we shall find out the sex of the baby excited for that step and then as you know 12 week mark is when you can start telling more people. this thing is getting more and more real by the day. much to do many things to figure out. we got the babies room carpet remove and the hardwood under that looks awesome and will be easier to clean vomit off. Even though its real I feel pretty helpless Im not sure what my role is what I’m supposed to be doing or saying.baby heartbeat is 155 to 160. You know for something that’s just chilling and growing that’s pretty fast but it’s normal I guess never claimed to be a doctor. what’s next ON THIS ROLLERCOASTER?
As always love you guys. Adapt or die.it will all be ok in the end. Fyi this song is 160bpm my baby is dancing to it.the other option was hey ya! I don’t think I want my baby to dance to outkast just yet.

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