Hey pretty girls.

Daughter. most men want a son and not that I wouldn’t be happy with a son or a daughter. I want a daughter. always have always will. not 100 percent sure why I want a daddy’s little girl at least till shes 13 kidding. it’s real its happening I’m getting everything I ever wanted. i plan on raising an amazing woman who can be or do anything. I plan on giving her all the opportunity in the world. most importantly teaching her the value of a dollar and the value of kindness. cant wait to bring her to a Sox game. dress her up in converse. Have a tea party with her. priority one is buy a gun so when boys come sniffing around they can watch me clean it. of course I’m joking. but jokes aside she can date when shes married. Not sure what the feeling is I can feel it growing inside me and I’m sure fathers can relate. a feeling of you want to protect your kid from the world. shelter them. now of course you dont want to shelter them to much that can mess a kid up also. I don’t know how do you know what to do and when to do it. When do I say yes. when do I pry. it’s all very overwhelming. how do you raise a good kid. best I can think is first off just be there and lead by example. monkey see monkey do. it’s the age old question of nurture vs nature. we live in a fast pace world and my kid is going to be growing up in a very different world than I did. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think lifes gotten easier with technology. but it’s also gotten louder and faster and we’ve all gotten lazier. I can remember being a kid a and saying I’m bored theres nothing to do. of course mom would reply I’ll find you something to do and it usually wouldn’t be any thing fun. cleaning, dishes, etc. I couldn’t even imagine being bored nowadays. with the internet and the toys and the 200 cable channels. I’m sure kids are still bored. I have to teach my kid to go outside and enjoy running enjoy playing in the mud. tag whens the last time you’ve seen kids playing that. Gwendolyn. I’m having a little girl. A little gwen. If you’ve been paying attention at all you might have somewhat of an idea of what that means to me. if you are just turning in trust me it means the world and I take it very seriously. my life is right side up from last year it’s night and day. We are going to raise an amazing daughter a little riot girl after her mother. probably blonde hair, blue eyed, tall amazing woman. I’m sure before we know it she’ll be off to college. blink and a girl becomes a woman I know that. That’s why we must cherish today for tomorrow isn’t promised. I promise to love these girls till I’m no more and when my last day comes if they know and feel that I love them more than anything in this whole world then my watch will be comeplete.
To Gwendolyn Margaret Wessman and her beautiful moma Ashley Rose Potempa Marie Ann Scrivani
Let’s live for the little moments.


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