I was in a car accident!

Just take a moment to think about that title and imagine how you would feel if your loved one texted that to you.
Ok so I’m supposed to be strong. I’m supposed to put on a good face. Help and encourage my wife. In the fire service that’s what we do we always put on a good face when we pull up to a problem. You know you don’t want to freak the patient out.Goal achieved. Today I could’ve lost the 2 most important girls in my life as I write to you at 8 PM. I’ve had a day. An exhausting scary day. Now I can sit back and relax. My wife and gwen have also had a day. Let’s go back 12 hours ago. I woke up at 5 this morning after having fire academy till 11pm the night before. I went to work as one does on a Tuesday. Little did I know I would only be at work for 2 short hours. Luckily I checked my phone just before 8 am to say good morning to my wife. I see I have a text that says I was just in a car accident. I think I’m going to the hospital. I am okay but I have a bad nose bleed and they need to check on the baby. Ok so at this moment I freeze for about a minute about 1000 things go through my head I must’ve looked like i was in deep thought to my fellow coworker. All i wanted to do was talk to my wife and hear from her that shes ok. I immediately said bye to my coworkers as I walked out said my wife was just in an accident. I didn’t even know what hospital she was going to but I was getting on the road and heading towards where she got in the accident. Luckily she texted me and the hospital she was being taken to was 22 minutes away. Nothing in this world is more important than my family so work be dammed I’m going to see my wife and baby. On the ride to the hospital everything went through my head. Is the baby ok is my wife ok what do I do if they aren’t what do I do if we lose the baby can I handle it. Can we handle it. I ask God to protect them. I pray that his will be done. I know his will must be to keep my riot girls ok. As thinking about the worst of the worst I try not to. Almost as if I have 2 separate personalities. One that is saying it will all work out. The other saying what if it doesn’t and in that moment I truly am 2 people. I try not to speed because I myself don’t want to get in accident. I get to my wife who has a bunch of wires hooked up to her I could still see some dried blood from the nose bleed. Her dress was full of blood. Her computer and purse was full of exploded yogurt. She was frazzled can you blame her. We both only cared at this moment about gwendolyn. And when they couldn’t find the heartbeat it didn’t help. She was taken for an ultrasound and finally babies heartbeat was seen so some relief was had at this moment. About an hour after ultrasound they came in and said everything was good baby good. Ashley good sore but good. This could’ve been a very different blog. It could’ve possibly been my last blog. It could’ve been worse I know people that have lost their whole world to car accidents But at the end of the day it was a good day. We can replace cars we can’t replace loved ones. Take this as yet another example that life is short and fragile. 12 hours later some scars, scares and a brand new car we are finally home all 3 of us. I can cry now because everyone is ok.
Thanks for listening. Adapt or die.

2 thoughts on “I was in a car accident!”

  1. I’m beyond grateful that everyone is ok and J so may peoooe out here are praying you and now *you and your girls* through this life. I can’t imagine what the past several hours were like for any of you but reading “my wife and Gwen” throughout this post is precious from my point of view. Be well. T

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