One foot in front of the other.

Never quit. I could end this blog right there. I’ll explain for you though. Things get hard and nobody likes dealing with hard things so we quit. For you it might be learning the guitar or how to cook. Maybe it’s a job maybe a marriage. I’m here to tell you to never quit even when you want to even if you already have. Maybe you’ve already checked out. This isn’t hotel California.You can check out and back in . You can get in the game again. I’ve lost things and I’ve failed at things but I don’t consider myself a quitter. I bring this up because I’m on the path to becoming a firefighter. Let me tell you it hasn’t been easy. Mentally and physically the job itself is draining even if it’s all Rose’s at home. I’m in the academy with some great people and great instructors and yet at times I feel like quitting. My chief said if you quit during training you are only training to quit. We recently did a consumption drill which is basically do an obstacle course with 75lbs of gear on, While on air and see how long your 30 minute bottle last now every firefighter is required to do this each year. It gives you a good idea how long you will last on a bottle while you are working in a fire. I lasted 14min 30 sec which isn’t bad I hope to improve. Let me say it felt like I was on that bottle for 2 hours. I was beat when done and 5 minutes after I was ready to go again. Now some of my classmates quit after 2 minutes they didn’t even let the air run done. It’s an eye opener. Firefighting is physical and mental. It’s tough. Training like this will separate the boys from the men. I live for this kind of stuff. I love it. I was made for it. When the shit hits the fan you have to ask yourself what are you gonna do. When you’ve been to 7 calls and you’re tired and the big call comes in. Are you gonna say I’m to tired to go get that kid out or are you gonna go get that kid out. I believe this is true for most things in life. I ran track all of highschool and I always told myself one foot in front of the other. I never quit that and I don’t plan on quitting this. It takes time to figure life out. Now I’m ready to give until theres nothing left. It’s easy to worry about the future. we make the future but we don’t control it. We can’t control everything. I could be scared shitless about having a kid or just live life one foot in front of the other. One diaper at a time.I’ll tackle today’s problems and worry about tomorrow’s problems when they get here. Fall down get up. It’s a hard concept when you’ve been beaten down by so much. When it looks like the end. Mind over matter. Sometimes the day never ends and you just can’t breathe. There is beauty in the little things. Because let’s be honest we are all here for those little moments. The the moments where you daughter puts her head on your shoulder and says I love you 3000. Maybe a slow dance with your best friend maybe a paw on your knee. The best moments in life are little. 3 little words are all it takes. I love you. We shall walk with 1 foot in front of the other and figure the rest out on the way.
Adapt or die love from Illinois

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