Just a memory


20190719_122056.jpgMemory- the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information.

Today as I sit in the coffee shop I’m reminded of an early memory. I don’t know why. I think in the peace of today I’m just reminded of a happy time. it’s funny the things that stick with us. Some memories feel like they just happed some feel like a million miles away.growing up in California my family loved to go camping. it was a short drive from Oceanside and a nice cheap vacation. I was pretty young maybe 6. we’d leave my brothers at home and hit the woods. I remember one time my brother threw a crazy party while we were gone and totally destroyed my sisters giant teddy bear, but back to our vacation camping and exploring were instilled in my bones at a very early age as well as my love for the ocean. I can remember climbing 100 foot trees with my sister at that age and yelling down at my parents. you know how kids do at that age look at me, look what I can do. maybe a bit of a show off. fearless on top of the world. I remember the older kids played paintball in the woods and one time I found a whole entire cooler of paintballs. I always wanted to play. I remember the friends, family, the flashlight tag games and the fires. there was this giant tree there that I could get inside. In fairness I was small. sometimes something good just pops into your head. memories are so valuable. you can’t put a price on them. I’ve mad many and I’ve lost just as many. I can remember spending every weekend at the beach. giant bonfires, massive sand castles. one time we dug a 15 foot hole. I remember the fish and chips down at the beach and nobody in this world will ever have better. I remember the snow cones. I remember the salt always being on the lips. we were all sunkissed. I remember playing with my starwars toys outside. I remember hunting down lizards with my friends. now maybe I’m thinking of these memories because I am having a baby girl and I want her to remember her childhood. I want to give her good memories. my memories are fractured like a puzzle that I only have a few pieces to. sure theres pictures and home movies. but I’m hard pressed to remember anything before 6 and even between 6 and 10 I have very little recollection. it’s true that we never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. I can’t believe I’m 30. I can drive, I work, I have a house and wife, I’m gonna have a baby. time flys. there are plenty of memories I’d like to lose and some I’d love back. I wish I had more. Memories play a big part in making us who we are it’s how we learn to do things and remember what to do. Monkey see monkey do more than likely gwen will pick up habits from watching me and her mom. Sometimes we take our memories good or bad and overcome them or we lose ourselves to them. I choose to take what memories I have the good ones and the bad ones and the just ok ones and do better. I choose to look at the past in a good light. At the end of the day all we can do is hold onto today and make it a day worth remembering. as always as much love as I can give you from chicago. if you read this or not. Adapt or die.

That’s all past memories. I look forward to making new memories with my wife and baby.

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