Most important muscle you’ll ever use.


Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.
Roy T. Bennett,

The heart the hardest working muscle in your body. pumping away all day. sending blood to your everything. 2000 gallons a day. It beats 115,000 times a day on average. that’s crazy. stop and think about that. the heart controls everything. I asked some friends what the first thing they think of when I say heart. here are their answers. Attack,gold, fart,red,mom,right,life,soft,time,give,broken,family,loyalty,love,kindness,friendship,gentle, and baby. I noticed that some replied with names of family members and love was obviously in there a few times. I was surprised that nobody said courage or passion. courage would be my answer along with my baby gwendolyn. she’s my heart. made from love and she’s got her own tiny little heart. her heart started beating at 5 weeks even before her chambers flowed blood. According to 2011 research from Israel, moms and babies can synchronize their heart beats with a sigle glance.
The study involved monitoring the heart rhythms of moms and their 3-month-old babies. The research found that in moments when the two gazed on each other or when there was vocalized communication between the two, the heart beats moved into sync. wow that’s so cool. truly a bond of the heart. we all experience heartbreak we all experience loss. nevertheless we press on. the heart heals it gets stronger and it loves again. You have to use it though. I had to experience heartbreak so that my heart could grow. my experience did make my heart bigger. I have more empathy now I can relate more. I understand more. I never gave up along the way. I got out there I tried to try. I never quit. life lessons were learned. Now I didn’t fall in love when I got out there. that part of my heart was already taken up,but I met a lot of beautiful nice people. the whole experience made me want to give back and that’s why I started my fire career path. I’ve passed my test and soon I will be certified by the state of Illinois to fight fires. I can only hope that when the time comes to save your family member my heart will have the courage to do so. the courage to overcome fear in my life we all experience fear. I’m afraid for my baby how will I take care of her tender heart. that I know one day will experience heartbreak. How do I shield her from that. the truth is I don’t and I can’t. All I can do is give her the courage to overcome it. Give her the heart to fight on. teach her to love like theres no such thing as a broken heart. People take pieces of our heart along the way of life and leave pieces of their hearts on ours that’s why as we get older our hearts become bigger. We never really lose the ones we love. The heart does more than we could even imagine. be kind, be gentle, be courageous, keep searching for that heart of gold. The heart is oh so precious and we can’t always tell when people are hurting. My heart hurts for the defenseless for the ones that can’t and I promise to always try my best to be someone that can. If you need me I make this promise to always help those in need to keep God my wife and my baby first. And to spit in the face of fear and help those less fortunate than me. My wife and baby are my heart they are my everything my heart beats but it beats to the beat of their drum. I hope this blog finds you in good spirits I hope you and yours are good. I grew up listening to Neil young and other oldies so when I hear heart I always think of heart of gold. To me it’s the never ending search for a perfect heart a perfect life which we will never find we will always grow old but the search for it is all we need. The want to be the best we can be is what we can hope for to love another day. To live another day. As always much love from Chicago. Adapt or die let your heart grow 3 sizes today just as the grinch did. Thank you for reading or not. I put both these songs in because they both speak to me they both tell us to keep moving forward. Period.

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