nešiotis (carry)

To Uncle Scott…
carry-have on one’s person and take with one wherever one goes.

there are quite a few definitions of carry.
motions carry,diseases carry, we carry our babies. we carry past and sometimes future problems.. we carry loved ones we’ve lost in our memory. now maybe in a time like this you’re worried about you and yours or maybe your not. regardless of your worries. life goes on and part of that life. part of every life is loss. we all have and will experience loss. it rarely comes when we expect it. love is free and anyone can carry it. I come to you today because this place has lost a handyman, a great musician and a dear uncle. no not to this covid disease. it was just his time. now I wasn’t super close to him. he was pretty much a loner we loners can spot other loners. I have a handful of memories of him all good. he took me to my first and only circus. we had discussions about building things we both shared the handyman bug. he gave me and my cousins booze before we were of age. it didn’t matter what we did together weither it was toasting a shot in Lithuania or helping him with some work. he gave me and my family a place to stay when we had no place while he played music on a cruse ship. the wild stories he had too many to count and I’m sure I didn’t hear the half of them. we all deal with loss differently it’s ok to cry it’s ok to ask God why. It’s ok to not also. I’m not here to tell you how to live. other than to say live well and fuck the rest. my uncle lived well. thanks uncle for teaching me some Lithuania toast and for being there when others weren’t. I’ll keep this short and sweet. we never lose the ones we love we carry them always and if my uncle is anything like me which I believe so. he wouldn’t want us to be sad in this moment just as i want when i die i want a celebration of my life not a celebration of my death. so raise those shots high Iki Dugno: bottoms up. Goodbye for now uncle Scott.

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