Sign of the times

Depression-A mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. sounds like covid to me.

things are going well. wife and baby are healthy. dont know anyone that’s been hurt bad by this covid thing yet. I know that many people have though. that being said. I thought this was going to be easy. me and the wife rarely go out anyways. we like staying in and hanging out. now almost 2 months into this shelter in place. I’ve realized I’m starting to slip. the whole country is feeling depressed and I thought I was immune. I’m still going to work. honestly I dont know how people are coping with being home all day everyday. I feel like I’m going to do all the shopping, cooking and cleaning forever. and I like these things kinda. but 2 months are wearing on me. I’m of the mind that our county should just do a total lockdown for the next 2 weeks and then we are done. I dont like half assing shit and let’s be honest even with all the stay at home orders we are failing. everwhere I go I see people. every day I pass the grocery store its packed we had a 50 car pile up on the highway the other day I thought why was there even 50 cars on the road .putting up some plastic guards and telling people to stay away from each other isn’t enough and if you had someone die from this thing I’m sure you’d agree more and more are dying and we will have to continue at this pace for the foreseeable future. you don’t realize how badly you needed that hour at the gym to maintain your sanity. I got a crying baby at home and a loud ass lion and somethings gotta give it’s not going to be the baby. don’t get me wrong I love the crying baby and loud lion. depression comes in waves. now I built myself a bench and bought weights but it’s not the same as the gym. for some reason it doesn’t give me the peace I need. now my wife works for a health insurance company. needless to say these are especially stressful times for her. me and her can’t have the little bit of alone time that we need. I will say that we are blessed to be in very job secure positions in a pandemic. And then theres that other thing what do we do if we get this invisible disease. how do we manage a baby being sick and everything. honestly we can’t even go there for to go there is only deeper depression. a release is needed a light at the end of this tunnel is needed. honestly although I know it would be hard. our government needs to sack up say fuck the economy fuck the stocks. people are dying let’s lock it down for 2 weeks and then come out strong and smart. we will forever be changed by what we do this year. just as this disease can hit anyone . depression can as well. this was just me venting. I know I’m stronger than my problems and we are all strong enough to get to the other side of this thing. I’m ok I hope you’re as well. Take care of each other. thanks for reading. adapt and live.

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