Why are alligators ornery?

Mama says that alligators are ornery… ’cause they got all them teeth but no toothbrush. (Waterboy)

Learn-gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

So another year has passed my 20s are long gone. I’m 31 now. Birthdays are always bitter sweet for me. Not really sure why. if I had to guess its because I’m that much closer to the end and time fills so fleeting. for a sports analogy it’s like the year is a race. stopwatch starts on your birthday and you have that whole year to give it your all leave it all on the track. on your birthday the watch stops and you get to question if you did your best if you left it all on the track and after you do that the clock starts all over again. I’m always in my head on my birthday. that’s just my best guess I’ll never really know. goals by 30 were as follows have a kid, wife and white picket fence. check,check and basically check. my kid is growing fast and it got me thinking. I’m in charge of teaching her, providing for her and protecting her. Wow big responsibility. It really is.How do we teach our kids about everything? There’s alot of things.How can we? Did our parents? We’d like to think they did a good job with the impossible task they were given. You ever have that feeling that you just weren’t tought something that you should probably know. IE why are alligators ornery or how to change a tire or shut the house water off or the birds and the bees or how to wash your clothes. I mean I could go on all day. I believe our parents do the best they can with the skills they were taught. I mean the internet can basically teach our kids for us now, but I dont like that. I want to teach my daughter how to change a tire. how to work on her house and her mom can tell her about those bees. I want her to need me, but I also know I won’t always be there and when I’m gone I want her to have me with her in her mind so that she can do for herself. I’m self made. my parents tought me kindness, hardwork and honesty. not a bad start. still some shit missing though. just think about our grandparents they didn’t have Google. they figured shit out. they were tough. they knew how to combine some baking soda,lemon and crayon shavings to remove a wart(not and actually recipe) you see what I’m getting at though. Whatever happened to grandma’s famous apple pie? What have we lost over the years and are we getting dumber with each passing generation. I couldn’t tell you a single person’s phone number. A computer keeps track of that for me. that’s not the life I want for my daughter. I don’t want her to solely depend on google to find shit out. I want to teach her everything,but I don’t know everything. I’m in a trade so I’ve learned a lot but it’s made me realize that I don’t know half the shit. I work with guys that can rebuild a car from the ground up and guys that could build a home. who tought them that shit. what did I miss? I also work with people that can’t reset a breaker. I think how do these people own a home. do they call an electrician whenever they have the smallest of issues. I’m grateful for the skills I have, but I learned those things the hard way. sports is a another one. not until I was over 20 did I really understand sports like baseball and football but that’s just because my parents never really cared about sports. I know it takes all kinds and we can’t all be doctors. I’m just asking are we prepared for life on our own. I think our schools do our kids a disservice. now you may say it should be up to the parents to teach their kids how to use their money wisely how to get a credit card, what is a credit score,how to balance the bank etc… I’m not sure most of our parents know. so yes our schools need to help with this. I took econ in highschool and it was awesome. I just think we need more of that and parents to back it up. theres so much in this world to learn more than we ever could possibly lean.I think every parent strives to do better and be better for their kids than they had. Try your best leave your blood sweat and tears on the track. we all have those days where we fail where we feel like failures. It’s all apart of life. when I fail I get up for my daughter and wife and I try that much harder. As always I hope this finds you well. never stop learning and please dont forget to teach. love you if you read this or not. Adapt and live.

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