Curious george


strong desire to learn or know something
kids,babies and sometimes monkeys.
we all got a little of the curiosity bug. we’d have to or we’d never do anything. its kids that have the highest form of curiosity largely because they don’t know anything. they haven’t been tainted by the world. They think the world is gumdrops and lollipops. thats not so bad. we should let our kids be kids and sometimes we ourselves should be kids. get wide eyed when we see an eagle or Christmas lights remember to see the wonder in this world. I get to see the wonder in this world through my daughter. when she tastes something new or gets brain freeze. I get to experience these things again as if it was the first time. shes always turning. I can see her mind moving. she’s got more curiosity in her pinky then some grownups have in their whole body.I hope she never loses that. I know it will fade but I know its still in me and it will be in her. hell I chose it as a profession. I’m curious how things work so I take them apart and fix them. maybe she’ll do the same. foster your child’s curiosity. never block never discourage. why would you they are the future quite littorally. and my God how fast does a kid learn. mine was just rolling over and now she’s running and speaking sign language. there’s a real person in there. I can’t wait to teach her how to ride a bike, throw a ball and fix a leaky sink or change a tire. whatever her curiosity decides. there is no greater joy in life than a child. now I’ve always wanted a kid so maybe I’m biased never the less she doesn’t disappoint. be curious take isn’t black and white . Nobody has all the answers absolutely nobody especially chiropractors and politicians live your life and don’t forget to look a little closer.
as always much love from Indiana. adapt and live

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