LOL -you may have heard of it most people use it as a short text term meaning laugh out loud. I don’t like to. I like to laugh not just say I’m laughing. I do have a use for the term though. I use it as love of life. I used to only have one of those. now I have my little girl. let me tell you about the loves of my life. Gwendolyn Margaret Wessman. she’s great. she’s exactly the kid I deserve and exactly what I always wanted. she’s bat shit crazy like her dad and she’s beautiful like her mom. A little blonde hair blue eyed fire cracker. mini riot girl. she wants hugs and kisses. she loves all music. if it has a beat she’s dancing. she’s a dare devil. fearless. I could go on but I’ll make it Short. speaking of short her mom my first lol. my first everything. you know they have written songs about not remembering life before the one. I truly don’t. my whole life started the day I met my lol. the day she walked into French class wearing mostly black and looking like someone I was gonna get to know. now life has changed us. we aren’t those kids that met In high school anymore we are changed for good though. and when I see my wife I see her as that girl I first met. yes I am biased. I’m blind. blindly in love. I see the girl that laughed at my craziness. I see my best friend. noone in this lifetime will I feel as comfortable with. I see my lol. I see the girl that helped me scare her friends in the graveyard. I see the girl that saw me when I wasn’t anyone to see. that didn’t care that I got sweaty when I danced like a mad man. I see the woman that brought my little girl into this world. We got more growing and learning to do. We have to Raise a little human together. Shit changes fast We’re painting and changing the floor in my daughters bedroom.We’re building the base for her life everything we do in life is for our lol. Everything I do in life is for them. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t find time for yourself you can have your cake and eat it to in this scenario. teamwork. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you always go home together. You’re never to old to learn or change . It can be scary I hope that you can find your lols in this mad world and that you remember it’s not always perfect. life is messy,hard and oh so worth it. no regrets. as always much love from Indiana adapt and live. Tell your lols that you love them right now.

top is now.bottom is before

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