Short drive.

“I always knew looking back on tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on laughs would make me cry.” dr seuss

I was a kid. I was in school. I got a job. I bought a house. I got married. I got divorced. I got remarried. I had a kid. you know the usual.
just that fast. in the amount of time it took me to write that. my life flashed before my eyes. now there’s plenty of things that happened in the inbetween there. but I got a kid that’s almost 2 years old. what comes next. what does the next 10 seconds to 30 years bring. my life in this stage is about making my little girl happy. example I’m building a playset which is very time consuming. making her laugh and smile these are the reasons I wake now.teaching her right and wrong. time flys and kids grow fast. I was just a kid yesterday. you know we make these decisions in life in an instant. I went here instead of staying home. I said yes instead of no. one decision can change your entire life. we live for the short drives. to the fishing hole, to the ice cream shop. to the school dance or game. maybe a drive home from the hospital with a new baby most of life is a short drive. and most humans are impatient hurry up and wait. I just have to get to this spot just one more thing to do. let me let you in on this secret. there’s always one more thing. you have to be happy now. happy with those short drives . I know it’s hard we all have goals and wants. I’m the first to say im guilty of getting ahead of myself. I’m just wired that way. I have Laser focus when I start something. for instance I started my daughter’s playset and worked non stop for hours no food no water no breaks and I didn’t get it finished so now until I do it’s going to be on my mind and when I get a chance to finish it I’ll Work non stop again weather and time permitting. not sure that’s a good way to be. but we can’t pick who we are.
the secrets my friend. (pause here). the secrets are simple. you should always listen to your heart. who you are is who you’re supposed to be. you should always speak your mind. and those short drives are paradise. maybe you believe in heaven maybe you don’t. I believe a life full of short drives is a piece of heaven and if we could slow down a minute and get out of our own way. we can be happy.we could live in that moment. As always much love from Indiana adapt and live. Life truly is a short drive love you mom.

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