Don’t pass the buck. Mom is watching

pass the buck
shift the responsibility for something to someone else.

owning your mistakes. that’s fucking hard . taking a true look at yourself. admitting you were wrong. it’s way easier to blame others. and I’m sure some find comfort in that. I don’t know and wasn’t me work everywhere but I’ve never seen them. people at work do it. politicians do it. friends, family etc. we all have passed the buck. I’m guilty and I need help. it seems like everywhere we look nobody does their job. there’s always been mistakes in this world. but people used to care. care about others care about the truth. it wasn’t about the flashiest headline. it was about the truth. passing the buck is as good as lying. where is the ownership. Where’s the honor. Where’s the self awareness. covid showed us just how quickly our politicians pass the buck. granted it was an election year. yet they managed to turn a virus into a political issue doesn’t that just make you sick pun intended. I guess what I’m trying to say is if we can just be honest with ourself and others. slow to curse and quick to forgive. we can bring back the honor. we can lose the excuses. we can thrive. my mom raised me to be a truth telling fool. she raised me to tell the truth to a fault. she raised me to have honor and compassion. as my birthday passes the first one where I didn’t receive a call from my mom and as this is the first mother’s day without her. I’m thinking of her and her life how she never passed the buck. she never blamed another person on this planet. at least that I know of. hell we’ve all been 20 am I right. my mom was my shinning example of how to live how to treat others. and the kind of life she lived could be seen in the countless letters and postcards she kept from people she touched in this world she didn’t pass the buck. she passed the love and blessings on. she was truly one of a kind. next time you think about blaming others for your mistakes and your short comings. think of your mom or dad or whoever you see as a person with honor ask yourself what would they think. what would they do. we make our own way In this dark and cold world. so that when our moms and dads pass we can carry their character with us. we can honor them by not passing that buck. although we’ve failed in the past and may again in the future. we’re still here we can still have an impact in others life. I know you’re watching mom. thanks for making me and making me. I’m not sure I could every measure up to you. Not many can. Gwen is growing fast how do I show her as you showed me. How do I teach her. The world is so much more complicated then when you raised me. I wish you were here. and though you aren’t here in person your wisdom is still around. love you say hi to grandma and grandpa for me.
as always much love from Indiana adapt and live.

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