Only human.

“We accept the reality of a world with which we are presented ” the Truman show

Do I belong here. Why me. We ask ourselves why me in the good times and we ask why me in the bad times. Part of being human is that self doubt. That feeling that I’m not quite good enough. That I fooled everyone. That it’s all a big trick. That either we are tricking the world or the world is tricking us.

perfect, whole,awesome,best, great,
words we use to describe ourselves. words we use to quantify worth. did I make the perfect pass. Did I finish the whole project. Am I an awesome employee. Am I the best dad. have I had a great love. what’s it all mean. many of us humans feel shitty at times. we’ve all asked ourselves these questions at some point in our lives we’ve all come up short at some point in our life. we’ve failed a test. we missed a deadline. maybe Forgot to pick the kids up. got a divorce. missed the mark. got it wrong.whatever it is we’ve all experienced failures. you can let pass failures ruin you or you can let them make you good enough. you can fight harder. you can make sure you finish the race make sure you remember that pride goes before the fall. you can believe that you’re human and at times not good enough. but at no point are you not worth enough. everyone can be redeemed. everyone can be forgiven. as a dad my daughter will see me as a superhero and I can try and be that for her. but I want her to see all are human and all fall short. life is great because of failures because its finite. there’s meaning in that. there’s meaning in today because tomorrow isn’t promised. there’s meaning in the way you treat others. because others are all we have.there’s meaning in being human. I’m only human and you’re only human so give yourself a break. I hope if you read this you see that you’re very important to someone mistakes and all. I hope you fight harder. I hope you win. I hope you help. I hope you love. I hope you cry. I hope you find peace. I hope you continue. I hope you try. don’t be so worried about what everyone thinks. do what’s best for you and yours. Don’t change yourself for others. be yourself and better yourself. this is my hope for you. as always much love from Indiana adapt and live.

” In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!” dr seuss

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