Stand guard.

father’s day. founded in Spokane in 1910 at a ymca. where a civil war veteran of 6 kids was honored. He was a single parent.

the day we’re born there is one question on the tip of every kids lips. why. why are we here, why do I have to go to bed. why does daddy stand to pee,why is the sky blue. why am I short. there is no end to the questions and as we grow older I’m not sure that question ever goes away. being a father I now have to answer that question and that’s scary because I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even know all the questions. what I do know is I know more then yesterday. I do know that I was meant to be gwendolyns dad. I know that she’s mine and my wife’s most precious gift. I know that for her I’ll always know the answer even when I don’t. I made a human-fucking wild. you know the saying you don’t know what you got till its gone. having a kid is like you don’t know what you could have until you’ve had it. now we’ve all experienced the kid side. you know you love your parents they love you but you can’t ever understand their side until you become them. you find out why they did what they did. why you can’t eat candy before bed. why you can’t play with knives. etc…growing up is pretty great.

I had a different childhood and if you’ve followed me you know what Im talking about. I won’t go into it here. my childhood made me appreciate the little things. a sunset, my own room, a house not on wheels. my dad did the best he could he definitely hit some road blocks but we always ate. and even though we had very little he bought me a playstation2. which wasn’t cheap. the point is as a father we do everything for our kids even if that means sacrificing for ourselves. we want better for them then we had. fuck that we want the best for them. my brother is a father to 3 kids and I know he sacrifices everyday for them. getting up early. getting home late so they can have better. so our kids can father in law is the same. he worked his ass off on weekends just so my wife didn’t want for nothing. hell they paid for our wedding the first time that is. and she got cars and college paid for. he’s the kind of dad that checks your cars tire pressure and cleans your car without you even knowing. these are the dads we could all aspire to be. Father’s are all around us. you might not notice but they are standing guard and when you need them they will be there. I’m proud to know them. I’m happy to stand guard myself. my little gwen is tough and wild but also fragile and sensitive and when she needs me ill be there. I’d like to think I love her more than any father has loved his kids and all fathers think this. that being said I know some fathers already mentioned that love their kids a shit ton so I’ll agree that it’s a close tie. we may never know. to all the fathers out there doing things for their kids as all fathers do. I say keep standing guard as you know it’s worth it. I’m happy and proud to be the first to say a happy Father’s day to you. thank you for being an example to me and others. as always I love you and yours adapt and live.

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