Wrap around porch.

a shallow veranda enclosing two or more sides of a house.Primarily built in the 1700s, this style of architecture was originally see throughout the southern United States. Designed as a space to seek refuge from the stifling summer heat, verandas that wrappedaround the first floor were included to accommodate a cool seating area that benefited from the afternoon breeze. it was a design to meet the needs and wants of the human desire to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. stories were told and songs were sung. a sense of community was built.
a simple definition,but to me it’s so much more. like most things in life that we give meaning to.
it’s a piece of a dream. me and my wife have always wanted a wrap around porch. now that I have one it’s awesome. it means even more. it’s the first thing I want to do when I wake. coffee and rocking chair on the porch with my daughter. she has her own little rocking chair. most mornings I give her a taste of the coffee and we just watch the birds make nest and eat. maybe a neighbor walks by or a kid on a bike and she points. or a bunny hops around. whatever it is it’s a peaceful moment with my daughter and or my wife. moments I’ll never lose to time. no phone distraction maybe some music. day or night the porch is a great place to get some R & R. I’m going to watch my kid grow up on this wrap around porch. I’m going to greet friends and family on this wrap around porch. Who knows maybe take up whittling. there’s something special about having a dream in your head and then being able to live that exact dream how you see it in your minds eye. my daughter is exactly as I pictured her. my house is exactly what I imagined it would look like. my mom would’ve loved sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of cappuccino. Not coffee it’s cappuccino according to her. she would’ve loved listening to the rain on the porch. even though my mom never got to see my new house. a piece of her is here with me on this porch. the kid loves dancing on the porch with me and her mom. you can’t sit when she wants to dance she will drag you out of your chair reminds me of someone. this is the life I want for her. I want this solid foundation. I want her to see the neighbor kids and make Friends. I want her to appreciate the little things in life. I want this wrap around porch to feel like a hug like it’s wrapping around her and keeping her safe. you may say it’s just wood beleave me it’s not. its a place to see what’s all around us. it’s a place to cry and laugh. its somewhere to rest and find peace. it’s somewhere to dance and kiss. it’s all this and so much more . it’s home.
as always thanks for stopping by much love from the porch. adapt and live

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