Hold these truths

We were put here to care for each other.

Care-the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
does anybody really care. you’d like to think your friends and family do. I can say being both myself I do. as a volunteer firefighter I cared for others without wanting a reward. you see as a firefighter the reward is the action. although I’m not currently fighting fires maybe I will again someday. the point is to care for others is kinda what this whole thing is about. we care for our kids ,but hope for others kids to fail. somewhere along the way we lost sight of the big picture which makes sense we do it in our own lifes. we lose track of the important shit for the small empty stuff. the way I looked at it when I fought fires was every family was my family. I imagine most firefighters do. they fight as hard as they would to rescue their own families. they care. first responders care and they give care . we should all care that much. we should care about losing freedoms. we should care about hurting others. we should care about wanting to win the argument so much that we stop listening and learning. nobody in this world has all the answers. we should all care about family time. we should all care about our neighbors. we should all care about something other than ourselves. I care. I care about my neighbors. I care about my wife and daughter. I care about my dad and brothers. I care about my nieces and nephew. I care about the gas station clerk. I care about you. I care about things I probably shouldn’t care about. I could care a little more. I have room to grow. I care about your opinion. you may be wrong but I care to hear you out. I don’t care about the news. I don’t care about politicians who are more interested in themselves than those they represent. which I guess comes with that job. I mean look at what we let the media and politicians do to this country. at a time where we should’ve put our differences aside. they highlighted them. at a time when we should’ve cared to debate and talk about actual facts we only cared about big headlines. the rich got richer and everyone else just got mad at each other. it’s amazing how easy times make soft men and soft men make hard times. now don’t take offense to what I just said. think about it. when everything is easy life is good. we relax. we let our guard down and that’s when we get attacked. when we are fat,weak and lazy. we can be hard in the easy times. that doesn’t mean we are mean. it means we are ready. my Job number one is to protect my family number one. other jobs also include fixing things and teaching my daughter to care, love and be tough. I care about my job. don’t you. My family is big my dad and mom made some mistakes and fractured that family , but I’m an adult I now get to make my own mistakes. I get to be the creator of my own destiny. I get to get on a plane and I get to see my brothers. We lost some time and I’ve always looked up to them I’ve always had an unrealistic imagine of them in my head I was an only child of 4 but now that I’m older and as I spend more time with them they live up to the hype. Because they are family cut from the same cloth mom did good with her sons we are all hard working men with a moral compass. We all hold the truths she tought us to heart. My brother made an awesome family that he works hard for. My other brother is always looking to help others and speaking positive thoughts into the world.. my nephew reminds me of myself my neices are good kids getting good grades, jobs you know lives of their own. My sister inlaw is an awesome mom who takes car of all her kids and still finds time to cook and clean What more could we hope for. The point is I don’t care what the government has to say or the news. I care about my family I was robbed of a traditional big family but now I have no excuse not to know these people and be in their lives. I always try and be the best at everything I do. I’m a little extra all over the place today I hope you find the time to care.. some may take offense to what I got to say others won’t care. I’m just saying I got friends and family from every walk of life and I usually have time to hear their opinion. it’s a country devided whatever side you may think you’re on red or blue never Forget that we are all red, white and blue. we should all care to hold onto those simple truths that make this free country free. At the end of the day I hope you all take this from covid we all need others and time is fleeting. My family means everything to me my daughter is going to know she’s loved and hopefully one day I’m renewing my vows on some island old and spunky surrounded by these beautiful branches and so may more.as always much love and care from Indiana. adapt and live.

Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

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