Forever after all.

Hard to say what makes couples last. Is it a divorce or 2. Is it the right words at the right time. Is it pure chance. Is it a baby’s smile. Is it the hope of a new beginning. I’ll tell you what keeps couples apart. Not changing even when everything around them is. Not growing together. Not forgiving each other for things that bother them. My best friend is someone that I don’t always get along with. someone that I don’t always agree with. Someone I don’t deserve ,but life isn’t fair. someone that pushes my buttons. do you want a life that’s just the same boring shit day in and day out or do you want to be challenged do you want to feel something. Do you want to be able to discuss things in a reasonable manner and maybe just maybe change your opinion at least give it a thought. It’s funny and maybe a little sad to think that people have had a terrible 2 years of uncertainty and fear when I’ve had the best 2 years of my life. I don’t mean to down play the suffering that people have endured. I can have that sympathy for you, but you have to understand that’s just not my experience. I had my new beginning my best friend gave me that little dream girl. my gwendolyn and we got to raise her for 2 years. parenting can be hard it can drive you apart. It definitely changes your life. We are a team though. We don’t always carry our fair share its not always even. that’s ok. we play to our strengths. There’s no 2 people I would rather be stuck with in a pandemic than my girls. I don’t need anything else. Life only gets better. I had a rough time just before the best time of my life. It truly was darkest before the dawn. I’m not who I was yesterday and tomorrow I’ll be somebody else. I’ll carry pieces of myself and I’ll learn from mistakes and I’ll make more. I take my wife for who she is. whoever that may be . just as I take my daughter and my future child. my wife is my high-school sweetheart how many people can say that. How many love stories last. How many people get to live their dreams. I know all my dreams will not come true and yet here I am still pinching myself to wake up. Growing old can be rough it’s hard on the body ,but if it’s with the right person it’s sweet. I don’t fear it. I welcome it. I welcome the change and the challenge. It’s all about choice. A choice to come home every night. A choice to stay . A choice to not stray. Everyday you gotta wake up and choose to love someone. To give all that love. Sometimes that’s an easy choice sometimes not so much. You gotta choose to accept the changes. Little known secret,but forever isn’t really that long and life moves at lightning speeds. whatever you choose to beleave. I believe in true love and I believe that never ends even when you do. I believe my mom is out there watching us. I believe the love my parents had can’t die. I believe I found that love and I hope you to find yours.Be open to change. Love hard because love can be hard. Work at it. Just as raising a human and keeping them safe is hard. I do wish you the best. I always have. Things do end to make way for better things. even good things end that doesn’t mean you can’t have more good things. Trust me I’ve lived through some things I thought would end me and lve lost somethings in the process. I can look back on those things and realize they weren’t as good as I thought and I needed to lose them.I’ll leave you with an uplifting song for me personally and please when you’re having a hard time maybe a break up. maybe a loss of some kind. whatever it is think on this the best is yet to come. as always I love you and there’s nothing you can do about that.Adapt and live

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