A daughter, a wife and a mother. There are many names we give to the women in our lives. caretaker, chef, teacher, nurse and guide to name a few. My wife has now had 2 children, my mom had 4 and some have more. Been reading too much Dr Seuss. I was there when my kids decided to grace us with their presence and I’m here to tell you I have absolutely no doubt that if men had to give birth, we would all be extinct. Childbirth is wild and scary. My wife is awesome and badass. She’s a great mom speaking as a very active father. I couldn’t stay home with 2 crying kids all the time. So, credit where credit is due. It’s weird having children it gives you a view into your parents head you get to see things the way they saw things you get to say no just because. I said I know better. It brings knowledge and wisdom. it’s no doubt that I was my mom’s son now don’t get me wrong I have no doubt we pick up watermarks if you will from both our parents. We are products of both after all. We hope we take the best of both. My mom was awesome she raised us all. she taught us all. she instilled the fear of God in us all. She never got her driver’s license. she never worked while I was a kid. she always cooked. I never heard her complain. I never saw her sad. she was always just my mom a solid rock. she was how I thought all moms were. selfless. that’s a good word for a mother. I mean you give up your body for 9 months of tiny housing. Then you get to go through what can only be described as extreme pain to be up at all hours to feed said tiny human and make said tiny humans’ food. and then you get to worry for the rest of your life about said tiny human. that’s the quick and dirty of it. I can only speak to my end that parenting is so rewarding when my daughter hugs me and tells me she loves me 3 times or 1 time or 10 times in that moment I have no problems and I have everything I need. maybe someday my daughter will give me a grandchild maybe not. she’s already given me enough though. mother’s they make people. people do good things I think more than not. mother’s make good things happen. I’m lucky to have a good wife that cares if her kid is sick or gassy. That puts my kids first even when she should worry about herself sometimes. I don’t want to say she gave up a career to Raise them because I think that implies that it’s a burden to raise kids and not a joy not that it’s easy. Not that it isn’t worth it. Mothers here mother’s there mother’s everywhere making good humans doing good things. I can only thank my mother-in-law for being the excellent mother role model for my wife. I’m happy she is in her life and that she gave my wife all the ingredients she needed. Now she gets to be an awesome grandmother. there are really strong females in this world that’s my takeaway from seeing my wife become a mother. from knowing my mother in-law for all these years and from being raised by an awesome mom that taught me how to treat a woman and how to be a man. love you mom wish you could’ve met my daughter and son. I know you’re watching and sending your love just as you always did when you were here. Please show some appreciation for the woman in your life. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to fall on just one day. And all women should be commended for their strength. As always, much love from Indiana adapt and live.

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