hello son and daughter. one day you’ll read this and perhaps all my blogs. you’ll get a window into me and your moms life. I hope you find the joy in my words. I hope you see how I willed you into existence. how I wanted you so much. you are so loved one day I’ll be old and gray and you’ll have to help me do simple things. till then remember how me and your mom kept you guys alive which isn’t always easy. I hope you see that you were born out of true love. you are the essence of that true love. we are in a bit of a rough spot now. toddlers and babies aren’t easy. you guys are sick and whiny. no mater what happens in life you guys were worth every minute of every day and you will continue to be the joy in our lives. please follow your dreams. be smart be passionate be kind to each other especially. I don’t have the best relationship with my sister or brothers for that matter. some of that is old scars some of that is distance. I wish for you both to find that thing in life that you love. whatever that may be. of course I have my own wishes for you but nothing you could do will disappoint me unless you become a chiropractor quack. family and blood is strong and important. I hope that me and your mom instilled that in you. I hope we tought you that you can have your heads in the clouds and still be successful. Have a little faith but question always ask questions. if you’re wondering where your crazy came from that’s me and your smarts are your mom. God only knows where me and your moms love has taken us it led us to you guys and I’m sure it stands today. if I can give you some love advice it would be that in my experience it wasn’t ever a question of who I was going to marry the minute I met your mom I knew. I knew that very moment. so when that time comes for you guys you’ll know when it’s right. I never had a single second thought. never a question. hopefully we’ve taught you guys some real life skills. hopefully you still have time for us. we just want to be in your lives. money advice save a little spend a little. laugh a lot. you guys are such happy children maybe because you can feel our love maybe it’s from my mom. you never got to meet her but shes the happiest person I’ll ever know.I don’t know I hope you never lose that. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas decorations and Halloween decorations. I hope you’ve had a great childhood. never too old to act like a kid. to imagine to innovate to have fun. I get to relive childhood through you guys and I thank you for that. It was destiny that made me your dad. I can’t say it was a calling I had because it was something I was born with. I was born to be your father. it took your mom some convincing but she got there. obviously. I hope this finds you both well. shit maybe you have a kid already and you know how I feel. but hey I’m getting ahead of myself. maybe your going through puberty and I’m embarrassing you. don’t worry that’s normal I’m sure I’m still embarrassing your mom. I’m so excited for you guys and for getting to watch you both grow. I know you don’t always agree with us one day you’ll learn why we did and said what we said. Make it a good one .

Adapt and love dad.

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