Odds are

odds of royal flush.649,739 : 1.)
odds =chances.
that all life is a series of chances a series of we met or didn’t. we lived or didn’t. we won or didn’t. nah . wouldn’t it be nice if we could just break life down into an equation. but it can’t be. Not that I don’t believe in odds. there are odds. (odds of being struck by lightning 1 in 15,300.)
there are also meant tos and fors. paths that we take. my path was always leading towards my kids and my wife they are meant tos. I thought my odds had run out. they were a distant dream for a minute and then I had 2 just that fast.(odds of you being born, and you being who you are 1 in 5.5 trillion.)
It simultaneously feels like I’ve been with my wife and kids for a lifetime and like I just met my wife to be in high school. maybe that’s love. maybe love is a time machine ok shit I’ve gone way off track. love and time machines. who cares this is my place. (odds of finding true love 1 in 262,144). odds are parenting is hard. odds are you will not be perfect at that. so pressure off right. (odds of twins 1 in 250). fuck dodged that bullet huh. Couldn’t imagine how hard 2 babies would be. sometimes life feels surreal. I catch myself thinking holy shit I have 2 kids. I’m a father. I’m in charge of molding someone. feels like the mold just started to dry on myself. I hope I’m doing a good job. what are the odds. odds are if today was a dark day. tomorrow will be brighter. there is a lot to be upset about in this world. find the things that make you happy. kill those that bring you down with kindness. I’ve always said I never regret anything in my life because to have such regret in my opinion is like saying your life didn’t work out as you would’ve liked. I do believe there is room for wishing somethings ended up better. without having regrets. example I wish my mom would’ve taken care of her cancer I can’t have regrets that she didn’t just wishes she did. sometimes the odds are stacked against you and you can choose to fight the best way you know how or give up. I don’t believe my mom gave up. I believe she fought the odds as best she could and she lived how she wanted in the end. we could all be so lucky and all have the kind of courage to tell everyone around us eat shit I’m gonna do me. (odds of dying from breast cancer 1 in 39) odds are I’m not always right just mostly. no i don’t think that. I think there is a lot of gray in the world. You can’t always have your cake and eat it to but sometimes you can have your pie and eat it to. Sometimes a compromise is exactly what you needed. If you’re married odds are you’ve accepted that fact. Only those unwilling to compromise get divorced. Sometimes Only the blind can hear and the deaf see. Odds are you find me confusing at times. What I mean to say is it’s those around us that can help us see and hear if Only we give them a chance. Nobody Whats to go it alone. Nobody wakes up and says can’t wait to be lonely. Odds are you’ve felt lonely. God knows I have. My loneliness is what gave birth to this blog a place for me to talk to myself. Put mind to paper and figure shit out. I’m only human after all so Odds are I’ll fail. Odds are we’re all a little fucked up. I think there’s a perfect amount of fucked up. What I mean to say is everyone has something weird about them. Maybe it’s the way you say something Maybe you like cheese on your freanch toast. Hey don’t knock it till you try it. Odds are we’re all still learning. Odds are your kids are monsters little cute Monsters. I mean I have absolutely no idea why they do somethings. But as a parent I need to be patient. Example you ask come into a room dump all of something out and run off and do other shit. Other Example you ask. Asking for something getting said something and saying you don’t want it. When you take said thing away crying. Odds are if you’re a parent you get it. (Odds an adult will have coffee today 1 in 1.8) I could sit here all day and talk to you about Odds but I won’t. I consider my odds to be lucky and my life for that matter. Be kind ,be loving , beat the odds . I truly believe odds are we will probably be alright. As always if you read this much love to you from Indiana adapt and live.

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